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DESIGN — If a beautiful, professional display is what you're after, we can create something that will have the neighbors in awe! The goal of our decorating is to "light up" the buildings and trees on your property in a visible display of holiday spirit. This is achieved by outlining the shape of the rooflines and windows, as well as draping or wrapping a tree with lights to accentuate its natural shape. We design in a very tasteful way to maintain the element of elegance you're after. We also offer many custom lighting products and light animation.

Not sure how you would like your home to look? That's all right! We offer computer-based design, so you can see your display before it's installed.

PRODUCTS — All of our lighting products are commercial grade LED lighting, which offers the following advantages:

  • Brighter than conventional LED lights
  • Flicker-Free Technology
  • Energy efficient, using 90% less power
  • Safe and durable
  • Brilliant colors
  • Weather proof

We carry beautiful garlands, wreaths and trees to help make your display stand out. We offer pre-lit trees for indoor use.

INSTALLATION — We offer a wide variety of decorating services – you won't have to do a thing:

  • Computer Design (see what it looks like before it's installed)
  • Outlining Rooflines
  • Outlining Windows
  • Installing Garland
  • Installing Wreathes
  • Decorating Trees and Shrubs
  • Outlining Drives and Walkways
  • Light Automation
  • Custom Products No One Else Has!
  • Visit Our Picture Gallery to See Past Projects

REMOVAL — When the season is over and you finished enjoying your display, we can come and carefully disassemble it. Removals can be done at your convenience any time between January and March.

 STORAGE — We provide a storage service for our customers. When we store the boxes, we ensure that they're ready to go for next year, eliminating the hassle of you trying to find them where you "thought" you put them last year. The next season all you have to do is give us the go-ahead, and we'll be at your home, lights in hand, ready to re-assemble your gorgeous display.

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